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Deadspin Roger Federer Is Just Making Stuff Up Now | The Slot Sean Spicer Wrote This Angry Letter to

Deadspin Roger Federer Is Just Making Stuff Up Now | The Slot Sean Spicer Wrote This Angry Letter to His College Newspaper After They Called Him ‘Sean Sphincter’ | Gizmodo SpaceX Wants to Fly Two Bourgies Around the Moon Next Year | The Root Everybody Hates Trump (Except White People) |

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Remains of the Day: Google Assistant Comes to More Android Phones

Google is bringing their virtual assistant to more Android phones this week. Google Assistant has previously been exclusive to their own Pixel phones or through the Allo app, but now they’re rolling it out more widely. That and more in today’s news.

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Improve Your Reading Comprehension by Writing Three-Sentence Summaries 

There’s no point in reading something if you don’t take some of it with you. This simple exercise, when used with diligent note taking, can help you retain more of everything you read.

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Learn to Make Sense of Extreme Numbers Using Different Perspectives

When you hear stats and facts with extremely large numbers, it can be hard to wrap your head around what that number really represents. If you want to get a grasp on large numbers, you need to start changing perspectives and converting them into more u…

Which is Better, Mac or Windows?

This week on The Upgrade we’re getting back to basics and taking a look at the longstanding rivalry between the two major operating systems on the market, Windows 10 and macOS. How do their latest versions hold up? Is it time to switch?

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Three Tips to Help You Avoid Hitchhiking Bed Bugs From a Hotel Room

Bed bugs are crafty little things. Not only will they make even a nice hotel room their home, but they’ll cling to your clothes and climb in your bag to go home with you. These tips can help you avoid such unwanted guests.

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These Custom Label Printer Labels Help You Organize Your LEGOs 

A LEGO organization station can help you keep those tiny bricks organized, but if you really want to step things up, you’ll love Brick Architect’s custom labels.

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Upcycle Ruined Tights Into Decorative Tassels

Snagging your tights and ruining them is always a let down, but you don’t have to toss those tights in the trash. Instead, turn them into decorative tassels to brighten up your home. Here’s how.

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