Deals: Clean up your iTunes library with TuneUp 69% off Plus Other Top Mac Apps

Deals: Clean up your iTunes library with TuneUp 69% off Plus Other Top Mac Apps

[This is an advertorial. Maclife gets a portion of each unit sold.]

A well organized iTunes is a thing of absolute beauty. Album information fully filled out, artist names completely in order, no duplicates listed–it’s enough to bring a single tear to your eye. Unfortunately, none of our iTunes libraries look anything like this. They’re disorganized, searchable only by us because we understand the cryptology that is behind our methods. Cut down on your attempts to decipher of your code with TuneUp. It’s the ultimate iTunes add-on, and it’s on sale now.

TuneUp is extremely powerful iTunes management tool that will clean up, organize, and complete missing fields in your library. Through some sort of technological magic, TuneUp will correct mislabeled or incomplete song data, scour the web for proper cover art, removes duplicate songs, and pulls in extra artist information that you’d otherwise have to enter by hand. It turns your iTunes into the media library you always planned to make it–with no effort on your part.

TuneUp’s usual ticket price is $50. While it’s well-worth it at full cost, why pay it if you don’t have to? We’ve slashed the price by 60%, making it just $19.95. An excellent price for an awesome app. Get it today!

If you’ve been through the struggle of moving your files around between your iOS device and your Mac, then you’ll love how easy WALTR makes it. With this powerful program, managing your media files is as easy as a drag and drop. You can get WALTR on sale for just $20.

Sometims being in different places calls for a different approach. You don’t want to keep your computer as open as you would at home while you’re on public WiFi. Sidekick Geo-Intelligent Laptop Optimizer makes sure that your computer is always set up the way it should be based on where you are. You can get it on sale for just $14.99.

It doesn’t matter what you need to do with your digital media–Toast 12 Titanium has the tools and the capability to do it. Capture video and music for nearly any source; copy CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays; burn to a disc with ease; convert files to a format compatible for any device, from your iPad to your TV; and share content easily over social media or video sharing sites. If you have digital media needs, Toast 12 Titanium can take care of them. You can get it on sale right now for just $49.99.