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Russian Man Volunteers For First Human Head Transplant

In news that is so weird, you almost won’t believe it, a Russian man has volunteered to be the victim for the world’s first head transplant, which two doctors want to perform early next year. Valery Spiridonov—a 31-year-old Russian man who operates an educational software company out of his home in the small city of Vladimir, Russia—suffers from Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, which confines him to a wheelchair. The disease is genetic and usually fatal, a disorder “that wastes away muscles and kills motor neurons—nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that help move the body.”

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NASA uses a DNA sequencer in space for the first time

The crew of the ISS just took the first step towards making the orbital laboratory a little safer for its inhabitants. For the first time ever, NASA astronauts have sequenced DNA in microgravity. The experiment was actually a test to see if a …

Cursed Images Is the Last Twitter Account You See Before You Die

Spend enough time scrolling through social media and you’ll find one: A photo that’s too strange to just be “creepy,” too puzzling to just be “mysterious,” too sinister to just be “weird.” That, my friends, is an image that’s been cursed.

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Bragi teases ‘big’ announcement happening next week in Cupertino, possible Apple deal?

Earlier today, Apple officially sent invites to its iPhone 7 announcement event that will be held next week on September 7th. Shortly after Apple’s announcement, wireless headphone company Bragi announced that it has its own big news coming next week, lending some to believe that Apple might be in the picture…


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Niantic is reversing bans on some ‘Pokémon Go’ accounts

Pokémon Go players who felt they were wrongly banned might get a reprieve. That’s because developer Niantic has said that in its quest to block bots and data scrapers, some people who used third-party map apps to locate the virtual critters w…

Ahead of Apple’s upcoming 5K offering, LG unveils new 21:9 curved displays w/ USB-C

LG today has taken the wraps off of a pair of new 21:9 monitors that it will show off at the IFA conference in Berlin this week. Both of the displays offer the UltraWide technology that LG has become known for over the years, while one also features USB-C support. The first comes in at 38-inches with the model number 38UC99, while the second comes in at 34-inches and carries the 34UC79G identifier.


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LG delivers three new super-sized ultrawide monitors

LG has continued to push the limits of 21:9 aspect ratio monitors over the years and its latest three additions are something to behold. Ready to debut at IFA and coming to the US this fall, they include the “world’s largest” 38-inch curved 38UC99 mo…

The FAA’s commercial UAV rules are now in effect

Look alive, stateside drone pilots: the Federal Aviation Administration’s initial set of operational rules for commercial UAV flights officially goes into effect today. Those rules were finalized back in June and govern any unmanned UAV under 55 poun…

You earn a million dollars a year and can’t get funded?

scrooge-mcduck The funding environment is so overheated that it often seems like no idea is too silly to attract investment. You might be surprised by how many companies struggle to raise money — even those that manage to bootstrap their way to a million dollars (or more) in revenue. Read More

How a Tattoo Gun Is Made in Prison

How a Tattoo Gun Is Made in Prison

People in prison are so damn resourceful that they can turn a pen, a Walkman, a couple of paper clips, a few rubber bands, and a set of batteries into a fully functional tattoo gun. The motor, battery pack, and switch come from a Walkman that’s torn apart, the ink obviously comes from the pen, the needle is made from the paper clip, and the rubber bands hold it all together.

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50% off LOOP Worldwide Travel Adapter with Dual USB Charging Ports – Deal Alert

Power and charge in over 150 Countries with US UK EU & AUS/CHINA Plugs. This adapter works in Canada, Russia, Asia, Central America, South America and the Middle East to name a few. Dual USB charging ports for simultaneously charging your USB devices as well. A 6-amp fuse (and built-in spare fuse) is included, as well as an 18-month warranty. LOOP’s travel adapter averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 580 people (read reviews). It’s $39.95 list price has been reduced a generous 50% to just $19.95. To learn more, or to take advantage of this discount, hop over to Amazon. 

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What’s on your HDTV: ‘Narcos,’ ‘Killjoys,’ college football

This week the NFL preseason is wrapping up as the college football season begins, which also means the end of summer TV and the beginning of fall programming. Battlebots and Killjoys both have season finales this week, while You’re the Worst, Narcos…

Six Scientists Lived in a Tiny Pod for a Year Pretending They Were on Mars

Six Scientists Lived in a Tiny Pod for a Year Pretending They Were on Mars

If you can’t go to Mars, the next best place would be a stark, lava-spewing active volcano in Hawaii. Right? The post Six Scientists Lived in a Tiny Pod for a Year Pretending They Were on Mars appeared first on WIRED.

Alphabet executive steps down from Uber board amid growing competition

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Alphabet executive David Drummond, who has been a director on the Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] board for close to three years, has stepped down, the ride-hailing firm confirmed on Monday.

Alphabet’s David Drummond leaves Uber’s board amid mounting competition

uber-self-driving-car David Drummond, who joined Uber’s board of directors in August 2013, stepped down several weeks ago, according to The Wall Street Journal. At first blush: no surprise whatsoever. Earlier this month, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said the company’s first fleet of self-driving cars would begin running in Pittsburgh soon (as soon as this month, even!). The fleet consists of about a… Read More

VMware CEO pledges cloud computing freedom

In what’s become something of an annual tradition, we talked with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger at the outset of the virtualization leader’s VMworld 2016 conference. In this interview with Network World Senior Writer Brandon Butler and IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant, Gelsinger shared the big news from the event, including new tools that make it easier for customers to build cross-cloud environments, as well as an expanded partnership with IBM. With finalization of the Dell/EMC merger just over the horizon, Gelsinger reassured VMware customers about the company’s independence but said the resources available from that powerful ally will put ‘turbochargers’ on VMware’s back. He discussed the state of the software-defined data center and where customers stand in the deployment of virtual networks.

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The Fully Packed Fanny Pack

Fanny packs might be called “hip packs” these days in an attempt to not sound as dorky, but there’s no denying the roots here. Everyday Carry reader Markus Pfell shares his bag, which holds a surprising amount of stuff.

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Alphabet executive steps down from Uber board as firms prep driverless cars

Alphabet executive David Drummond, leads a number of Google investment arms including GV, recently stepped down from Uber’s board as the two companies work to bring their respective self-driving car projects to market.

Now Google Cast is built into every Chrome browser

Like Gmail prior, it honestly seems like Google Cast has been in beta forever. Well, it’s actually only been two years according to Google, and that test period ends now. Cast is directly built into Chrome as of today and anyone can use it without ha…

ET is that you? Astronomers detect intriguing signal 95 light-years away

Allen Telescope Array / Image courtesy of SETI Institute Are we alone in the universe? An international group of astronomers has detected an interesting radio signal spike, one that could possibly be of alien origin, from a star system located 95 light-years away. Scientists who search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe, a field known as SETI, find the powerful signal unique enough to warrant permanent monitoring of the… Read More

Sufferers of iPhone 6’s ‘Touch Disease’ may soon have a class action lawsuit

iphone-6s-plus-5 iPhones around the world are dying in a peculiar way, and Apple isn’t doing right by affected users, asserts a lawsuit filed over the weekend. The plaintiffs are three in number for now, but hope to elevate the case to class action status. Read More

Instagram Stories fights Snapchat by recommending users to follow

Instagram Stories’ feature updates are no longer quite in lockstep with Snapchat’s. It’s gradually rolling out an update to the Explore section that displays a bar of Stories from people Instagram thinks you want to follow based on both your existin…

In a first, FAA allows PrecisionHawk to fly drones where pilots can’t see them

 The Federal Aviation Administration has given permission to a drone tech startup called PrecisionHawk to fly its unmanned aerial vehicles beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) in U.S. airspace. The exemption represents a first in the country, a…

These Customizable DIY Partitions Keep Your Drawers Organized

It’s easy to throw everything in your kitchen or desk drawers drawers to get them out of sight, but that doesn’t take care of the clutter. These DIY organizers will fix the clutter, keep everything easy to reach, and they’re easy to build to fit any desk or drawer you have.

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43% off NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender – Deal Alert

If you’re struggling with wifi dead zones, boost the range of your existing WiFi and create a stronger signal in hard-to-reach areas with a wifi extender, like this one from Netgear. The AC750’s design is compact and discrete. Plug it into a wall outlet and it delivers AC dual band WiFi up to 750 Mbps from your existing wifi network. 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz both supported. This model averages 4 out of 5 stars from nearly 12,000 people on Amazon (read reviews) and its typical list price of $69.98 has been reduced a generous 43% to just $39.99

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