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Cyber attackers target Singapore Defence Ministry, but no secrets found

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Cyber attackers have stolen basic personal data from about 850 Singapore national servicemen and employees in a possible attempt to access official secrets, the Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.

A year after Jasper acquisition Cisco expands the platform

cisco Just over a year ago Cisco bought Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion, and with that transaction, created the company’s IoT cloud business. This week, Cisco is making a series of announcements at Mobile World Congress related to expanding the platform. When a startup like Jasper gets acquired by a big company like Cisco, the standard line of reasoning goes something like this:… Read More

Samsung’s de facto leader indicted on bribery charges

shutterstock samsung The de facto head of Samsung, Jay Y. Lee, is facing the potential of years behind bars after South Korean prosecutors said today that they intend to indite him on bribery charges, the Wall Street Journal reported. Lee was arrested earlier this month on bribery, embezzlement, and perjury charges related to giving $37 million to an advisor of President Park Geun-hye in exchange for… Read More

Huawei staff fear cuts as smartphone profits disappoint

HONG KONG/BARCELONA (Reuters) – Staff at China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] are bracing for possible jobs cuts after internal memos highlighted intense pressure to improve earnings and an executive said the flagship smartphone business had mis…

Samsung Group chief to be charged with bribery, embezzlement amid scandal

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s special prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday it will charge Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee and four other executives with bribery and embezzlement amid a political scandal that has rocked the country.

Pilot whose drone knocked a woman unconscious gets 30 days in jail

Paul Skinner, an aerial photographer whose drone knocked a woman unconscious, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and slapped with a $500 fine. Skinner flew a two-pound 18-by-18 drone in 2015 to cover the city’s Pride Parade. Unfortunately, the mac…

Samsung SDI says Samsung Elec’s head of memory business chosen as new CEO

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s Samsung SDI Co Ltd said on Tuesday that Jun Young-hyun, the head of memory business at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, has been chosen as its new CEO.

Rise in Arctic Ocean acid pinned on climate change

Climate change isn’t just manifesting in polar regions through ice cracks. Researchers have learned that the Arctic Ocean saw a rapid rise in acid levels between 1994 and 2010, most likely from airborne carbon dioxide (aka a greenhouse dissolving int…

Walmart’s app will now let Pharmacy and Money Services customers skip the line

walmart-pay-2 Walmart is today rolling out an updated app that will allow those visiting the store’s Pharmacy or Money Services desk to skip having to wait in line, the company says. After entering their personal information in the app, customers can order prescription refills or fill out other necessary paperwork from their phone. When they arrive at the store, they will then get in a… Read More

Crunch Report | SpaceX Is Flying Two People Around the Moon

SpaceX is looking to fly two people around the moon and back late next year, Handle is Boston Dynamics’ newest robot, Pocket is Mozilla’s first acquisition, Uber fires exec for undisclosed harassment and WeWork gets a $4 billion investment from SoftBank. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Lead an army of cartoon heroes in Epic’s latest game

Epic Games announced Battle Breakers, its new free-to-play title for mobile and PC, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The game looks like a Saturday-morning cartoon, complete with larger-than-life characters and a huge, cinem…

How to customize AirPods by changing double-tap functionality and more

Apple’s AirPods have been available for a few months now and as the completely wireless earbuds make their way to more users, there have been increased requests for more customization options.

While it’s not explicitly clear from the start, there are a few changes you can make in the Settings app on your iOS device to slightly customize the AirPods experience. Read on for a breakdown…


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One billion hours of YouTube are watched every day

It’s easy to track YouTube’s most popular metric: Check the counter below any video to see how many times it’s been played. It’s harder to know how long viewers watch, which YouTube staff started tracking years ago. Today, those stats passed an auspi…

Ordering Your Steak Well-Done Like a Baby Is Also Dumb for Health Reasons

On Sunday, we learned Donald Trump eats his steak well-done with ketchup. If you’ve ever eaten steak—in Trump’s case, an expensive, tender piece of New York strip—you probably know that well-done with ketchup is simply not the way to go. The president should give medium-rare a try, not only for the sake of his…

Read more…

Desperate Samsung stoops to fake news

Samsung just released a press statement declaring its Galaxy S7 edge…

How to: change the email address linked to your Apple ID account

Apple ID is the gateway to Apple’s online services — App Store, iCloud, iTunes and more — and is a crucial part of your digital identity. AppleInsider shows you how to change the email address that serves as your Apple ID login c…

Porsche Design reveals a Windows 2-in-1 convertible

Porsche Design had another Mobile World Congress revelation besides a limited edition version of Huawei’s Watch 2. The design group has also announced a laptop-tablet convertible and detachable hybrid of its own called Book One, which looks like it w…

Non-profit aims to preserve the hidden history of video games

It’s relatively easy for developers to preserve classic video games through emulators, museums, remasters and retro consoles. But what about the culture that surrounded it, such as ads, boxes, magazines and gamers’ own experiences? That’s where the n…

‘Hearthstone’ gets first expansion of the year in early April

It doesn’t take much to set video game fans down rumor rabbit holes these days, but in this case, hints about Hearthstone’s first expansion in 2017 were correct. Blizzard has officially announced that Journey to Un’Goro will be the next content block…

Amazon is teaching Alexa to distinguish different voices

For all of Alexa’s many skills, one major thing Amazon’s voice assistant is currently missing is the ability to distinguish who is actually speaking to it. According to a new report from Time magazine, however, the online retail giant is currently wo…

What’s on TV: ‘Horizon Zero Dawn,’ ‘Moonlight’

This week’s big premieres are Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4, and Nintendo’s Switch console. If you’re not pulled in by open-world charms or Joycons, then remember Planet Earth II is continuing on BBC America, and this week we’re visiting the jungles….

Innovation was the epic fail of 2016

Image (1) brokenlightbulb.jpg for post 202277 The problem with the ongoing discourse on innovation is that it doesn’t answer the fundamental question of what exactly is meant by the term. Rather, we are inundated with simplistic calls for more innovation in government and complaints about why there isn’t enough. Read More

The Shared Gadget Travel Bag

If you travel with a ton of gadgets, you know keeping them organized is hard. Over on Cool Tools, reader Marcel Dufresne shares the bag him and his wife take traveling.Read more…

Snap expects some IPO investors to make year-long commitments

(Reuters) – Snap Inc, owner of popular messaging app Snapchat, disclosed on Monday that it expected investors buying up to a quarter of the shares in its $3.2 billion initial public offering this week to agree not to sell them for a year.

Banco Santander partners with IBM to develop suite of iOS MobileFirst banking apps

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Santander, one of the world’s top banks by market capitalization, has announced plans to collaborate with IBM on the development of a series of native iOS apps to support a “digital transformation” of its business, assisting its bankers to create deeper engagements with clients.

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