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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s most notable hits and misses

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s period in charge has seen Apple’s size and value grow enormously…

Yahoo offers new details on breaches to Senate committee

SUNNYVALE, CA - MAY 23:  A sign is posted in front of the Yahoo! headquarters on May 23, 2014 in Sunnyvale, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Since Yahoo disclosed two mega-breaches late last year, its executives have met almost daily with CEO Marissa Mayer for working sessions focused on improving the company’s cybersecurity posture. Employees have also received weekly security presentations from Yahoo CISO Bob Lord at the company’s all-hands meetings. The new working sessions and briefings are part of an internal effort… Read More

Up to 30% Discount On Otterbox Cases For iPhone, Galaxy and Other Devices – Deal Alert

Otterbox is currently having a winter sale, and they’ve discounted many of their popular cases up to 30% for a limited time. Commuter, Defender, Symmetry series and more are included, in various colors and for various phone models including iPhone 6…

Was that ‘Moonlight’ Oscar mix-up caused by a tweet?

By now, you’ve probably seen the video from last night: Warren Beatty looking confused holding an envelope and card that didn’t match what he expected, Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong winner, and, eventually, the cast and crew of Moonlight correctl…

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Mobile World Congress shows us the future of phone

20160224 stock mwc smartphone user in suit 100647697 slide

Image by Stephen Lawson

At the Mobile World Congress 2017 show taking place this week in Barcelona, the major (and minor) smartphone manufacturers are all competing to show the visiting press and professionals that they have the latest and greatest mobile tech. 

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Which is Better, Mac or Windows?

This week on The Upgrade we’re getting back to basics and taking a look at the longstanding rivalry between the two major operating systems on the market, Windows 10 and macOS. How do their latest versions hold up? Is it time to switch?

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SpaceX is sending two private citizens around the moon in 2018

It’s been a long time since humans orbited the moon — but Elon Musk’s SpaceX is going to try and change that next year. The company just announced that two private citizens approached SpaceX about a trip to the moon for late 2018. The two potential…

Dubset raises $4M to legalize remixes for Spotify and Apple Music

 Record labels refuse to allow streaming of remixes and hour-long DJ sets unless copyright owners get paid for every little sample. Dubset just raised $4 million to handle that legal mess so Spotify and Apple Music can offer the type of music that…

Google shifts on email encryption tool, leaving its fate unclear

Google is asking developers to take over its effort to make end-to-end email encryption more user-friendly, raising questions over whether it’ll ever become an official feature in the company’s browser.

On Friday, the search giant said its email encryption tool, originally announced in 2014, was no longer a Google product. Instead, it’s become a “full community-driven open source project,” the company said in a blog post.

The tool is designed to work as an extension to Google’s Chrome browser that uses the OpenPGP standard to encrypt emails, ensuring that only the recipient can read them, and not the email provider or a government.  

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Control your home with a gorgeous wooden remote

If you’re looking for an attractive way to control your smart home, this minimalist, carved-wood multipurpose remote might fit the bill. It’s called the Turn Touch, and it’s pulled in almost twice the Kickstarter funding requested. The project has al…

Three Tips to Help You Avoid Hitchhiking Bed Bugs From a Hotel Room

Bed bugs are crafty little things. Not only will they make even a nice hotel room their home, but they’ll cling to your clothes and climb in your bag to go home with you. These tips can help you avoid such unwanted guests.

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Apple CEO Cook sparks predictions of augmented reality in iPhone 8

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook believes augmented reality will be as big for technology as smartphones…

Uber’s SVP of engineering resigns amid allegations of sexual harassment

Uber’s highly regarded SVP of engineering Amit Singhal has been asked to leave the company after reports emerged that he was involved in a sexual harassment case while he was still employed at Google. According to Recode, Singhal was with Uber for ab…

It’s time for an official ‘Hackintosh’

When was the las time Apple upgraded the Mac Pro launched back in 2013?

Upcycle Ruined Tights Into Decorative Tassels

Snagging your tights and ruining them is always a let down, but you don’t have to toss those tights in the trash. Instead, turn them into decorative tassels to brighten up your home. Here’s how.

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These Custom Label Printer Labels Help You Organize Your LEGOs 

A LEGO organization station can help you keep those tiny bricks organized, but if you really want to step things up, you’ll love Brick Architect’s custom labels.

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Nokia rebrands Withings, launches HealthKit competitor ‘Patient Care Platform’

Article Image

Nokia is making a bigger push into the healthcare market, announcing at Mobile World Congress that the health and fitness accessory maker Withings will rebrand its products under the Nokia name, as well as revealing a “Patient Care Platform” that appears to directly compete against Apple’s HealthKit.

Boston Dynamics officially reveals its rolling ‘Handle’ robot

We got a preview of Boston Dynamics’ latest “helper” thanks to offscreen video leaked from a presentation, but now the company is ready to let us meet Handle. Unlike its previous robots that ran, jumped or walked, this two-legged monstrosity gets aro…

Porsche Design’s Book One looks to outrace Microsoft’s Surface Book

As with its cars, Porsche Design loved what it has created with its new Book One 2-in-1, made to challenge Microsoft’s Surface Book.

The 2-in-1 device is unique in that it is both a convertible and a detachable computer. The Book One can become a tablet by detaching the 13.3-inch screen or folding the screen 360 degrees onto the keyboard.

The folding functionality exists because of the hinge, which has been borrowed from the Porsche cars’ gearbox. The flexible folding and detaching mechanism gives the device a unique design that is hard to find in other 2-in-1s today. It’s likely other PC makers will try to come up with copycat designs.

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MWC 2017: Latest iPhone competitors from Samsung, LG, Motorola, and more

This week is Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and that means almost all of Apple’s biggest competitors are getting together to show off their latest phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Yesterday was the official press day, so let’s take a look at all the devices that were announced by Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and others…


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IDG Contributor Network: Sorry Nokia, the ‘nostalgia tech’ market died out long ago

I bought my first Nokia phone in the 90s, back when they all looked the same and the only game available was called Snake. You kept animated lines from colliding. It was incrementally more entertaining than watching your eyebrows grow.

I left the phone on a bus once in San Francisco and went into a big panic, not because I liked the phone that much, but it belonged to my employer at the time. How do you explain that one? The grayscale screen was not what you would call high-tech. It was more like a pager with a bigger keypad.

Later in my corporate career, we all “upgraded” to BlackBerry phones…still with a grayscale screen, barely any games, and what was really a micro version of a computer keyboard. These archaic phones had archaic apps that didn’t quite work correctly and crashed often. This was also long before social networking came into existence. If you lost the phone number and contact for someone, there wasn’t much you could do. Go visit them at work? Maybe this existed back then, but I don’t remember being able to easily drop over to a Facebook profile and grab a cell number. And, people didn’t include their cell number in an email signature line. Why bother? Not everyone had a phone, and those who did have one relied mostly on their desk or home phone.

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VentureBeat reviews Beats X: Buy Apple AirPods instead

When I picked up a pair of Apple’s wireless AirPods a few weeks ago…

We’re live from GDC 2017 in San Francisco!

The 2017 Game Developers Conference is happening this week in San Francisco, and we’re here to keep you up to date on all the latest news from the event. Like last year, companies such as HTC and Oculus will probably share new virtual reality develop…

Samsung Gear Finally Gets a Controller for Awesomer VR

Designed by Samsung and Oculus, it touches and swipes and clicks and shoots. The post Samsung Gear Finally Gets a Controller for Awesomer VR appeared first on WIRED.

Huawei is considering cell towers that wirelessly charge drones

Huawei’s big news at MWC was, of course, the P10 handset and a new watch. The company does have its fingers in other pies, though, and one of those is the drone game. Far away from the exhibition halls where all the smartphones are on display is an a…

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